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Gary D. McCrear, or "GG" is a K-12 educator turned spiritual consultant currently based in Brooklyn, NY.


Originally from Conyers, GA Gary spent the majority of his formative years wanting to be of service and figuring out which way felt appropriate. He began as an elementary school counselor and Spanish tutor while attending Morehouse College for his dual Bachelors of Arts in International Studies & Spanish.


Giving back to his community and helping lead people to success via conversation, immersion and inclusion in foreign languages is what encouraged him to continue on to the University of Pittsburgh to acquire his Masters of Arts in Hispanic Languages and Literatures.


He denotes his first trip outside of the country to Cuba as the experience that changed his life, and brought him closer to himself in a deeper, spiritual manner.


After graduation, Gary moved to NY to pursue a career in K-12 education, serving as a 1st grade teacher and high school Spanish teacher for 5 years before being redirected to become an educator outside the four walls of the classroom.


The development of his students and their identities as well as his own budding identity as a 'spiritual guide' to help people connect back to their true selves and desires is what led him into coaching and working with people globally via tarot and Oracle cards, self-help tools, and healing work (reiki, Akashic records, candle magic, etc.)


He hopes to be of service to people as a leader to help guide people back to themselves, and the true essence of their lives & desires.