What is it that you are working on drawing more into your life, or letting go of? Have you been struggling to stay grounded in your new train of thought when it comes to fighting against your anxiety? Have you been struggling to find the words to communicate with your partner or companion and need a little assistance to remove some of those blockages around communication? Do you need some energetic protection or confidence moving through you as you step into a new season of your life?


Reiki-infused tea lights are the way to go for all your desires. These candles are set out with your intention in mind and have been known to help the querent get clarity on whatever situation they have come in need of assistance with. Based on the specific desire you're working to manifest or release, this tea-light candle is set out on a specific day of a week and a spiritual 'prescription' is provided based on the available conjure oils, sachet powders, and herbs in GG's possession. (note: GG is not a licensed doctor, nor claims to be either - if you need medical attention, please reach out and seek a licensed professional. This is used to assist in grounding your spirit and listen to your internal guidance.)


The querent receives a follow-up e-mail on the date that the candle is set out and you are asked to sit and receive the energy and clarity on your end and let time do its thing. 


You are asked to start paying attention to the specific desires/intentions that you set for the candle in your life and make those connections in real-time. Let yourself flow with the clarity and peace that comes in. It's your job to do the work and see these desires come true - I'm just here to provide you a little boost in the interim to help these intentions come to pass. 


NOTE: Nothing will be mailed to you, as all candle services are done in my home. You will receive an e-mail with your prescription + things to look out for once the candle service has officially begun. Please allow up to 10 days from the date of purchase for your candle service to begin. It may be a little later but if that happens, I will reach out to you.

Tea Light Candle Healing

  • Self-Love - Do you need just a little nudge to feel a bit more self-love? Negative self-talk overtaking your spirit and you need to remove that blockage? Let's work on clearing that out as a team.

    Fast-Paced Posse - Are you in a hurry to get things done? Are you looking for your roads to open up even quicker re: your goals and desires? You can't wait, can you?

    Sexy Times - You feeling like you want to get your freak on? Or are you wanting to work through some blockages you have had around sex and wanting to draw those experiences closer to you? Are you willing to do the work?

    Money Hungry - Let's be real. You want more coins flowing in effortlessly. It doesn't come fast, but it will come steadily choosing this option. Just set the expectation and know your $$ is always in circulation. How can you receive from the Universe's bank and let the energy flow through you to do the work?

    Grand Manifestations - Do you need a little more help getting those business ideas off the ground? Believing you can secure the bag and secure the house? How can we plan to put energy into seeing your BIGGEST dreams come true, and how can you hold yourself accountable? This helps you put your foot on the gas and get shit moving!

    Spiritual Service - Have you been feeling like there's some looming energy that has been bothering you? Do you feel like you've been seeing angel numbers a lot and want to know more about what they mean when it comes to your path? This is great for helping you to ground into your intuitive nature and see your psychic powers rise.

    Let It Go - What do you need to let go of? Is it a relationship? An old way of being? A family member? Are you in the midst of grieving? This is for you to help maneuver through these waves of change.

    Creative JuJu - Are you looking for a bit of a creative push? Are you looking to gain your fire back? Are you looking to gain the color palette of life back?

    GG's Gut - GG will choose a prescription intuitively based on what you submit to him as your needs/desires.

    Crystal Crazy - This service uses the power of crystal magic to enhance your intentions x10 and also use the crystals in your arsenal with more power.