Frequently Asked Questions

Have you wondered what a tarot card reading is like? 

Do you know what reiki entails? 

Here are some FAQs and GG's personal answers to them:

Q:   What is a tarot card/oracle card reading like with you?

A:    Normally, I just go based off what the spirit tells me to do. Sometimes, I’ll ask you for a number. If it’s over the phone, I’ll ask you some questions to help me decide what type of pull I will use for you. I wouldn’t consider myself advanced, so normally the number of cards I pull is 3, unless I feel the spirit push me to pull more and read more. I have books that go along with these cards, and use the information from the books to help ground my reading, as I have a background as an academic. While I read, I allow the spirit to guide me to either ask you questions or reiterate certain portions of the reading to help make sense of your situation and clarify things for you.

Q:   What is the Inverted Spread? Why is it so special? 

A:   This spread is an adaptation from Valeria Black reimagined by me. The Inverted Pyramid cascades down to one point: the “who” you want to become. But the path to that card is not easy. There are 3 levels of pain you must master first.

Cards 9 & 10: Represent who you are at present.

Cards 7 & 8: Represent the external influences on your situation.
Cards 4, 5 & 6: Represent the challenges life will throw at you to test your mettle.
Card 2 & 3: Represent the traits and characteristics you need to develop to defeat the

Card 1: Represents who you want to become.

Level One:

The topmost level has 4 cards. Out of these, the two in the middle represent who you are right now. For better or for worse, these cards are important. Accept your reality. The outer two cards represent external influences in your life that are causing drama and distractions.


Level Two:

The second level of the pyramid is the level of challenges. And the interesting thing is: they are the byproduct of level one. That means, your present personality and external influences are responsible for them. "You are responsible for your own challenges." The 3 cards of this level represent the challenges that can make or break you. Think of them as the gatekeepers to greatness. How do you reach the tip of the pyramid then? How do you defeat these monsters? There is a way. But it is not easy. If you choose to face these challenges head-on, hunker down and refuse to give up, there will come a time when the gatekeepers will throw down their arms and surrender to you. They will open up the way to victory. That is, if you refuse to break. But how do you defeat challenges that were created by your own self? The truth is: all the mustered courage in the world will not help if you approach them with the same attitude you have at present. That’s where the level three cards come in.


Level Three:

On this third level we see only 2 cards. These represent those abilities and traits you need to develop to defeat the level 2 challenges. The brilliant thing is, once you master these two, you will suddenly realize that you are Card 1. It’s almost magic! But only you will know that your overnight success required months and years of hard work to defeat the previous levels. That’s why when you think about it, once you reach the tip, the reversed cards suddenly seem upright. What was an inverted pyramid appears to be a straight arduous climb. Do the numbers make sense now?

  • Cards 7 & 9 together give rise to the challenge in Card 4. Study them to understand why you are plagued by this particular challenge.

  • Similarly, Cards 9 & 10 create the challenge of Card 5.

  • Cards 8 & 10 form the challenge of Card 6. All these combinations will tell you very specific dynamics.

  • External influences can be very toxic. Remember that sometimes you may have to cut off those influences to take away power from the challenges they help to spawn. It is an efficient way of progressing, even if difficult to do so at first.

  • Cards 4, 5 & 6 speak of a specific personality trait when combined. This is different from the ones mentioned in Cards 9 & 10. Understand who this person is and you will have one monster to defeat instead of three. Of course, that will also mean that the monster will be bigger, but by condensing the challenges in this manner you can face the enormity of the task by narrowing your focus.

  • Your greatest enemy is your own self. The monster formed by the combination of the challenge cards is therefore that aspect of your personality that is dominant at present and creating so much havoc in your life.

  • Cards 2 & 3 also speak of one single personality that becomes the hero capable of slaying the monster. Combine the traits mentioned here as well. But remember, you need to work hard to become this hero. Internalizing the principles is a good place to start.

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Q:   How long is a reading?

A:    It depends. Sometimes, readings can be around 30 minutes if you are getting one deck’s worth of a reading. I’ve had readings go as long as an hour and a half sometimes, we have to go deep into a conversation in order to unlock the keys to the doors of what you’re looking for the answers to. You have the choice to select an option of either a phone call or a voice memo (recording) for your reading. They are both the same price. Note that a voice memo now takes 2-4 weeks to return via email from the time you book your reading, and a phone call will be scheduled as you progress in the queue. Make sure you leave your full name, email and phone number in the notes section at checkout, so I can contact you! 

Q:    How much are readings?

A:     I charge no less than $45 for one deck’s worth of a reading and $60 for both decks. This can be paid for here on my website, or via PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, or Zelle. This is always asked for before or after the reading is complete. Energy work is tough work for the healer, and I appreciate those that have given more than the suggested price based on the reading they have received.

Q:     How do I set up a reading?

A:      I would suggest you book here! If you’d like to pay using PayPal, CashApp, Venmo or Zelle, send me a message using the form at the bottom of this page, enter your information, and I will get your request for a reading. We can then set up a date and time in order to have your reading done. I always like to tell people that get readings done from me that I don’t hold back, and I tell it like it is. The spirit will urge me sometimes to push for more information, so don’t be alarmed or turned off if it feels forceful – I just want to help you gather more information to make your time with me the most beneficial possible.

Q:     What does a rnReiki session entail?


A:      This includes a 45-60 minute sit down session (or 30-45 minute phone call) where we talk through the situations you may be confronting in life. You may feel out of alignment with certain things in your life. This allows us to target what may be arising and figure out how we can remove these blockages from your life. A session will contain a mixture of Binaural Beats, solfeggio tones and trap music to help shift energy majorly targeted to the lower chakras, but overall shift mood and vibrations. 

Q:     What should I wear for a rnReiki session?


A:      You should wear light clothing if possible and be prepared to have a deep, healing. Also, make sure that you come hydrated and I always try to provide a light healthy snack for an in person session. If being received via distance, whatever you are wearing is fine.

Q:     How do you perform a distance reiki session?


A:      For a distance Reiki session, I would perform a service for you on a specific day at a specific time that we would come together to plan. You can sit and receive this energy at this time specifically or you can continue to go about your day as planned. You may notice a shift in mood for either the posit what energy you are working to move out of your space. The services may not have immediate results but will be felt throughout the day and for weeks to come.

Q:     How do you perform a house cleansing?


A:      House cleansing is the opportunity for me to come into your house and help shift the energy of your personal location. I sense the energy that may be existing in the space and use a variety of herbs, sage, and other healing modalities to move stagnant energy out of your home and refresh it with positive, loving energy. The services take about an hour and a half to two hours and I go through a variety of different healing modalities and also help to read the energy in the space at the current moment in time via a tarot card spread. A rnReiki session is also performed in the home in order to solidify the energy that is being asked to permeate the space.

Q:     How long does it take candle service to activate?


A:      Candle services are set out and I will tell you when your candle is set via email. This can take anywhere from a day to four days from booking dependent upon the proper energy infused into your candle. 

Q:     Do you mail candles?


A:      No. 

Q:     Why does it take you two to four weeks to return a voice memo?


A:      With energy work, it's important to me to make sure I'm taking care of my physical and spiritual body to provide the best service possible. I'm able to power through readings in a given day, but with a voice memo it is your energetic time stamp and I want to make sure you get the most accurate depiction of your energy where you are in that moment as I channel and work for you. This is why I give that window of time and when I'm nudged to work on yours, I can give somewhat of a rough estimate of a time window if interested but let's be real. Things happen. I just want to ensure the quality of service given to you.

Q:     Do you FaceTime or video chat querents?

A:      I do, but only if we have prior interaction/knowledge of each other. I always begin with a call or a voice memo upon first interaction to ensure that we both are a great fit.

Q:     What if my reading doesn't *hit* the way I want it to?

A:      This could be one of two things:

1) The energy I'm picking up on could be a little bit further ahead than where you are on your path and it'll become clear as you sit and make connections.

2) We may not be a good fit for each other work wise, and I completely understand this and have no hard feelings.

Q:     How should I prepare for a reading?


A:      You should come with pen and paper ready. I channel in a college-lecture style, so I leave room for you to ask questions at certain points but based on the type of reading, there may not be enough time in order to have a lot of stop-and-starting + you miss out on more messages with interruptions of the flow.

Q:     Do you perform readings in Spanish?


A:      Claro que sí!

Q:     Are there any refunds?


A:      No. All purchases are final.